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  • Supersonic Boy

    Greetings all, I am Supersonic Boy. I am a relatively new user to this wiki and the new head admin, as User:SapphireStardust has retired from wikia and I have adopted it since. As you know, this wiki cannot build nor fix itself as the Iron Giant and is in need of good editors, who have an aptitude for writing and a deep interest in the Iron Giant. As you can see, I have updated the appearance of this wiki to a much more professional look, but our information must match it for it to be of any use. I myself and proud to see that our Kent Mansley is relatively done, however we have much more work to do to make this wiki relevant.

    As anyone knows, the goal of any wiki is to have the best information and spark interest in others: in this case to…

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  • SapphireStardust

    Hello! I just wanted to inform anyone who is actually on this wiki, that I have put in an adoption request for this wiki. My request can be found here -

    I would love to adopt this wiki, since I believe, (if given the opportunity) I can help bring this wiki back to life and help it to be successful. I would like to request help from anyone who is reading this, since a wiki is a community effort, not just one person. I fully believe that I have what it takes to run this wiki smoothly and effectively.

    I would love to hear from any contributors on how we can make this wiki successful and encourage more contributors. I believe that adding more pages and more info to the pag…

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  • SapphireStardust

    Hi Everyone!

    August 5, 2013 by SapphireStardust

    Hi everyone! I have just recently watched Iron Giant and found this wiki! I am excited that an Iron Giant wiki exists, but I am saddened at the fact that almost all of the content has been removed. The articles are empty of information and pictures. I am going to attempt to recreate the information and get this wiki working again. I would appreciate any help.

    I have noticed that the founder of this wiki has been inactive for some time and I'm not sure if there are any admins on here. I have noticed that a user has removed all the information on pages, and I would like to know what can be done about this. I am willing to take up the job as admin, even though I am new to this wiki. If there are no admins, I am willing to adopt this wiki if ne…

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