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The Iron Giant is the main deuteragonist of the movie of the same name. With eyes that glow and can change to red when threatened or angry, parts that transform and reassemble (and indestructible to virtually anything), the Giant becomes best friend and hero to Hogarth. While capable of incredible destructive powers and is equipped with highly destructive weapons for the time, he is rendered benign by damage to his head. Hogarth teaches him to use his strength for good rather than destruction, proving to the world that he recognizes the value of life. It enjoys playing with Hogarth, Superman and doing arts and crafts with Dean. The Giant reacts defensively if it recognizes anything as a weapon, immediately attempting to destroy it, but can stop himself. The specific creator of the giant is never revealed and unknown. The only hint comes in the opening sequence, specifically that the giant comes from somewhere beyond the Earth's moon. It can also be inferred from his weapons that the giant was sent to earth for unpeaceful purposes. (Note: From a deleted scene from the film, he has a brief vision of robots similar to him destroying a different planet, which can suggest that the giant's original objective was to destroy the planet.) He is voiced by Vin Diesel, other actors such as Sean Connery, Frank Welker and James Earl Jones were also considered to do the voice. He likes being Superman and he starts being a fan of Superman.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • I am not a gun.
  • Souls don't die...
  • No Atomo... I Superman.
  • Hogarth, you stay... I go... no following.
  • (last words) Superman.
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